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My educational background consists of a period of migrations between California and Mexico. I am in touch with my Mexican background because of my migrant circumstances. When I was growing up, I had to migrate like my mom. Our low socio economic situation required this migration. My mom is a strawberry picker from May to December in California, and a housewife January til late April in Mexico. Rent in Mexico is affordable for a breadwinning working caretaker of six with a lower than minimum wage job. My mom has struggled constantly to keep a family fed and housed. With government assistance this has become possible, but barely. I have lived in economically harsh conditions all my life. Oppression has been a constant part of my life, but only recently, have I learned the language to describe it. Through my education, I realized I was being raised by unintentionally psychologically and emotionally abusive care takers who had never been taught how to properly care for anyone not even themselves. I was also being discriminated upon at school and at home because of the color of my skin and my perceived sex. In school and at home, I experienced overt and covert sexism and racism. As if economic disadvantage, sexism, racism were not enough, when I got to college I realized I was also a member of the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer) community. That is when I started noting the homophobic treatment I was given for not acting feminine or heterosexual enough. In my spare time I furthered my understanding of the way society has been constructed to oppress marginalizes communities through a process of human socialization. Through my educational experience, I have learned that the societies in the world are shaped through and unspoken set of rules that get systematically socialized into an individual's psychology from birth. I was not born to economic, racial, sexual, or psychological privilege. This has consequences for my education. I will be discriminated upon by faculty, by teachers, by students, and by every human being who fails to get to re-socialise themselves by questioning the stereotypes my intersectionalities have been given by mass media. Some people choose to pass judgement on me due to my physical traits, and I cannot do anything of that, other than seek to educate those who are willing to learn. I will be stereotyped, objectified, ignored, dismissed, racially profiled etc. My college experience has been a difficult learning experience for me because I have learned through my courses, that I have been at a disadvantage my whole life and will keep facing inequalities until the day I die. I have not quit my educational pursuits despite all these difficulties because since my early childhood development, I have built resilience. I have come to understand that if I want to get through all these social barriers, I need to become three times better than my white male opponent, and I need to become twice as informed about social dynamics. In this way I hope to further my educational achievements and learn not to blame myself because of someone else’s judgement of who they think I am, or who they think I should be. To further my education I am in need of financial assistance from individuals like yourself who believe in me and are willing to support me economically in my search for educational success.

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