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During summer breaks of high school, I was unable to get a regular job, so I went to California to help a friends uncle at his field. It was a lot of hard work; long days, exhausting hours, no days off. As much as I disliked going- I went every summer for 3 years until I was able to obtain an Employment Authorization Document and immediately got a job closer to home. As for my educational goals, I plan on becoming a Crime Scene Investigator. It is something that I have had interest in my whole life, and I knew it would be a career which I wouldn't consider just a "job." Living in Las Vegas, as well as hearing of the increasing crime rates in my home country, I knew that I wanted to put in an effort to significantly decrease the crime rates. I know that I will go far within my career and make a difference. I feel as though I am a good potential investment because I am completely dedicated to my education. Because of my background, I know that everybody has to work hard for what they want. That is exactly what I am doing. My first year of college was rough on me, I had lost motivation. However, I was able to get back on my feet and am now doing exceptionally well in my classes. I wont give up on myself until I reach my goal.

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