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My dad always worked in farm work until I was 5 years old. I remember we would live in trailers with other family members or friends of my parents. It was not an excellent life, but we felt happy together, until my mother started having more children. My parents decided that the life of farm work will not get us far and having four children with a year of difference in between will be a problem, all while sharing a home. The only option was for my dad to work in construction, it was a better pay, but we still had to move around where ever he had a job. I started working as a farm worker when I was 17 years old. My family moved from Houston, Texas to Adrian, Michigan. I have a lot of family in that small town, and the majority works in farm work. My dad never let any of us work not even my mother, but that changed when I started my senior year of high school. We realize that if my older sister and I were going to go to college, we had to start saving for college, so we found a spot working at planting, cleaning and picking tomato with our aunts. I had to manage working in the weekends, go to school on the week, do homework, play soccer, have time for my own, look into the college I wanted to go and see if I had everything ready for graduation. My mother and my older sister would go to work in the week, and the oldest responsible person to stay in charge was me. I had to take care of my four siblings and my other four cousins. Thanks to all the tasks I had to over come to graduate and to get to college, I feel more confident taking the task to graduate with a good academic standing.

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