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At a young age my parents along with my other siblings decided to come to American in search of the American dream. My parents had no understanding of the English language nor did they have any sort of education. The only job they were able to find was working in the fields. My parents have worked in the fields their whole lives, and I was able to have the experience in working with them. When summer vacation came I would dread it, because unlike the other kids who would be out with friends I had to work. Although I dreaded going I thank my parents for taking me to work with them, it only motivated me more to further my education. One thing I would never forget is my dad telling me at the end of every work day was “mijo que pesa más una caja de fruta o un lápiz?” While laying down in bed at night I repeated myself that question over and over again, and although I truly honor my parents for working in the fields I knew it was something I did not want to do my entire life. I remember those hot summer days, where not even the shade would be able to cool me down, the sweat dripping down the bridge of my nose as I walked across the field, or that awful cotton mouth I had at the end of every work day. Also those cold winter work days where it was incredibly cold that I cannot even describe. One of the most challenging farm work I have ever done would have to be picking tomatoes, working under the hot blissful sun, all I could remember is the bright sun blinding my sight every time I looked up. My career plan is to complete a Bachelor's degree in nursing. I am currently majoring in Pre-Nursing in hopes to continue to medical school. I developed a strong aspiration for nursing from being around nurses all the time. I suffered from a severe case of asthma that is now thankfully controlled, but by being around the medical atmosphere was something fascinating to me. Just the whole concept of being able to help people and in a way having an impact on people, which in my case did. I hope to be able to give back to the community as much as they have with me. I would like to serve communities that live in rural areas and who are economically disadvantaged providing them with health aid and informing them of health care and how important it is. I also would like to minor in child development, because the youth is our future and I would like to be able to understand and get messages across to them on the importance of education, risk of drugs and alcohol, and pregnancy prevention as well as STI’s which the Latin community lacks information on this specific topic. I would be a good investment because I want to give back to the community who gave so much to me and my family. You’re not only investing in me but also in the community which I plan to help and give back to them as much as they have with me. When you’re investing in me you’re investing in a ambitious, passionate, intelligent, open minded, caring, and self-driven individual. What I want to do with my career goals is important and will benefit others. I want to be the change that I want to see in the world.

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