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I'm currently attending South Texas college and will be obtaining my associates degree in psychology in the fall of 2015. After that I will be getting my batchelors in clinical psychology at Pan American University. I am also a member of the Psychology club. My long term goal is to obtain my doctorate in clinical psychology. I might not want to be a psychiatrist but I am sure I want to learn about it. I know that to accomplish this goal I have to be very dedicated and work hard. I also have to stay motivated to continue and love what Im doing. I know that there will be obstacles that I wont be able to pass on my own and I will need to seek for help. I know that my only priority is school at the moment. My dream job is a job where I can help people be the best that they can. I might want to be a counselor or a social worker or a psychiatrist it is very hard to pick. I know the way that I want to give back to my community is to motivate Latina girls to get an education and go for the highest that their is.

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