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For the 13 years that my family has lived in this country, my parents have provided for my siblings and me by working in agriculture. The only times that my parents get a break from working in the fields is when the weather does not allow them to work, or for health reasons. Having gone to work with my parents during the weekends and during winter and summer breaks has made me more appreciative of all the opportunities and privileges that I have come across along the way.

Our family has been fortunate that we live in the California's Central Valley because farm work here is plentiful. However, one of the downsides to living among plentiful farm work is that my parents have to travel long distances to get to where work is because different fruits are ready for harvest at different times of the year. Sometimes the commute can be dangerous due to weather conditions. Another downside to living in the Central Valley is that because work is plentiful, the wages and working conditions are deplorable because farm workers are not educated about worker rights and workplace safety. It is difficult to get by on the wages that farm workers are paid; we have had to struggle through the years to get by. My parents have worked harvesting many different fruits and vegetables through the years, but the two most common fruits that my parents pick every year have been citrus and grapes. Citrus and grapes are two types of fruits that are commonly farmed in the area where we live.

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