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I come from a family of six and both of my both parents work in the fields to financially support us. I have experienced working in the fields and its not easy; one must have a lot of condition and drive to be able to withstand the conditions of the workplace. I have found out that by my parents doing this and coming to the United States it motivates me to keep on pushing through and stay in school. That alone should be the biggest reason for most people because what other thing can be of the same equal impact as parents leaving their environment and culture to make their children great.

My educational goals are to major in kinesiology and then pursue a master's degree in physical therapy. I have chosen this because I noticed that many farm workers had difficulty with ligaments and tendons because of the repetitive movements of their jobs. Physical therapy can then be the only option for relief. By becoming a physical therapist it can be a gesture way of giving back in a way.

I believe I am a good potential investment because I strive for my goals at all costs being school work or any other factor. For example, starting with my "bodybuilding" I didn't have anyone to guide me on what to and how much to eat so I started from scratch. I first began with have a low calorie intake with a high intensity workout which didn't result as I wanted. Then switched to a few others until I came to learn the little details that , make a good nutritional status with an acceptable workout regime. But from this experience I learned that it was necessary to fail to become who I am today. With this change of body my mentality changed as well for starting my high school years I seemed to be blinded by distractions and didn't appreciate the opportunity I had to be here and with this my grades were a little below average. This made me question if Fresno State would even be an option but when I decided I studied like there was no tomorrow and junior year I received a 3.4 gpa both semesters and for senior year I received a 4.0 both semesters which got me in. I know I will keep on making mistakes throughout my life but with time I will learn from then and better myself.

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