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My farm working background experience as a female college student has been both good and bad; this job made me believe I could do anything I proposed myself too but it also showed me that proposing yourself is the hardest part. With these past 2 years of seasonal field working experience I will describe how I work, get treated, and the benefits this job gives me. The conditions that I work in this job were muddiness, coldness, hotness and no matter how used to this job I am there is always those days where I end up tired. The starting time everday is 6am but since I live farther away I have to leave at 4:30am. I get treated fairly as far with my rights but have also suffered from humiliation, harassment and gender discrimination. This job has benefited me by making me responsible, giving me the ability to multitask, humbling me, and making me do the best of whatever is given to me. My education goals is to become a U.S Custom Border Patrol Officer and getting a bachelors degree in Administration of Justice though I am currently working on my associates. This is why I know and believe that I am a good investment because I dream of protecting my country from terroism, pests, and poisonous food.

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