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My experience under farm working was one of a life experience. I was able to learn not only as a person but as an individual that realized the reality of life is not easy. I began working in the summer on the black berry fields at the age of 15 where I had to get a fake ID and work as an adult. This job was a very hard physical experience because I had to wake up at 6 AM to get ready to work and would get out usually at 5 PM from work. This was the first time in my life that I was working almost 12 hours per day in a job. What made this experience enjoyable was that two of my cousins were working with me and together we share from experiencing hard times to sharing our lunches. I remember I did not know how to pack and pick blackberries but throughout time I was able to learned. I can say that working in these fields made me realize that life consists of challenges and accomplishments. I was able to meet kind, hardworking, and gentle people that share similar ideas, beliefs and problems. Most of these hardworking people came from poor countries such as Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala. These hardworking individuals who did not have the opportunity to obtain legal US documentation and live under poverty came to the US for a better future, a better life, and seek for the American Dream. I was able to hear some of the stories and struggles of these farm workers that made me appreciate and think of the struggles that both of my parents had to go through in order to obtain a better future for not only them but for my siblings and I. My father at a younger had to cross border illegally where he had to walk in desert for couple days and had to deal with his hunger. As arriving to the United States, my father had to work in the fields to obtain money and later on he had the opportunity to obtain US legal documentation and also help my mother obtain her legal documentation. Thinking of this struggles and accomplishments motivated me to continue working hard not only in the fields but also in school. This made me realize that I should take anything for granted and working to get money in not easy because I would always spend money fast that my parents gave me. I learn that spending money is not the same as obtaining money because working for it is really hard. Also, I was able to acknowledged that working in the fields motivated me to continue as well as pursue a higher education because I knew that working in the fields was physical labor and I did not want to do that for the rest of my life. From there on, I usually spend my whole summers working in the fields because it has help me learn from life and helps me to continue on my education.

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