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Born in Weslaco, TX to the Gutierrez migrant family who at the time migrated to Washington State picked blueberries for a living. A few years later, the Gutierrez family of seven traveled to rural Michigan in hopes for a better living conditions. At Michigan, the Gutierrez made a living working for a seasonal landscape farmer and traveling annually back to Texas. When the economy got difficult, Eliseo and his family began working for a blueberry farm for multiple summers. After a difficult blueberry season, the family transitioned to a nearby organic farmer who needed hands to work his varies crops such as potatoes, onions, green beans, soy bean, and others. Eliseo realized at a young age the reality of migrant family troubles. His father was a discouragement a higher education, his mother cried in frustration of money, his skin tone separated him from his peers, and worst of all education was not a priority of his family. With these troubles, Eliseo quickly desired to become an inspirational leader for his family and the underrepresented Hispanic community.

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