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I was born and raised in a small farming town in Ameca, Jalisco, Mexico. I grew up with a single mother and was predominantly raised by my grandparents because my mom worked every single day, from sunrise to sundown. Since a small age I worked in the fields helping my grandpa with small corn plantations, I actually enjoyed working, even if I got dirty and tired, I have always been a super energetic and hyper individual and working was very fun to me. I also remember waking up at 5 a.m. with my grandpa and going to the mountains, before sunrise when the dirt was still wet, so we could dig up "tepes", which is native to the region. This root like vegetable is similar to potatoes and is eaten by being boiled in water. We would then place them in 1 kg bags and I would sell them around town, carrying the bags in my basket. As i said earlier, I didn't see it as work, I saw it as something fun and as something that was helping my grandparents. I also lived in Santiago, Nayarit, Mexico for six months, and in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico for another six months. I lived there because my mom worked in seasonal harvests that required her to move around. At the age of 8, the day after finishing 2nd grade, I crossed the border along with my grandparents. My mom had already been in the US for almost a whole year and she had finally made enough money to buy a "coyote" aka a smuggler to cross me through the border. My grandparents were next to me the whole time, there was a mixed up and a very dramatic situation unfolded during my border crossing, the car in front of us had drugs and weapons, this actually helped us because it created a backup and the border patrol agent didn't even look at the ID's, he just counted them and let us go through since he saw children and old people. I didn't realize how lucky I was until later on in life when I got older and my grandparents told me. I moved with my mom to a small town called Avenal, California where I lived from the age of 8 to the age of 18. My mom married my stepdad, whom she met while working in the fields of Huron, Ca. Together they worked pretty much every single type of field work there is, from planting and cleanup, to packing and trimming. It was dozens of different jobs performed throughout the year. As soon as I turned 14, I started working every single summer and long vacation periods with my mom. My mom didn't like me working but I always wanted to cause I know money was needed. I worked doing all kinds of different jobs; planting grapes, picking figs, cleaning tomato fields, packing lettuce etc etc, there was always something different to do. What made it very tiring during the summers was the fact that I did sports all year round, Football, Soccer, and Track and Field. I would work shifts from 5/6 a.m to 4/5 p.m then go to practice, it was though but I always had a very outgoing mentality and I always told myself it would help in the future. My mother hated it, because she believed I was pushing my limits but in reality I always felt as if I could do that and way more, and as I stand here typing this, I can honestly say I'm very glad I did that during all my High School career. I managed to stay top 5 of my graduating class, and receive the most scholarships from my class. (13 in total). I was heading to UCSB when I graduated and I was very excited to start my career as a first generation student. I started UCSB on Sept 29th, 2014. I had my dorm, roommates and classes all picked out, i was very excited nervous. September 20th, i receive a call from our family attorney, the call was to inform me that my immigration application, I-130, has been approved for the final stage so I could finally become a resident, HOWEVER, I had to leave the country during that final stage, which could take anywhere from a few days to a whole year. I had to cancel all my classes and un-enroll from school. I left to Mexico and came back in January, which left me with two options, go to community college and stay there until I acquire enough units to transfer or work and wait until fall semester to start at a CSU or UC (since UC's and CSU's only allow you to start during the fall as a freshman). I waited until Fall and decided to come to Fresno State instead, it was closer and had a better business program, unfortunately 9 of 13 scholarships canceled on me because they required me to enroll withing 6 months of graduation, it was rough situation for me especially with very little financial aid but I managed to pull through. I now stand as a 4 year business student who has successfully done many important things. I joined a multicultural fraternity, Mu Chi Omega, and I ran for almost every single position until I became president. I was president of my fraternity for the entire 2017 school year, while also being the administrative assistant for HBSA, a Hispanic Business Student Association on campus. I become highly involved with both of these organizations because they related to my educational and social needs, while also representing my culture and my race. I had been through many hardships growing up, then through bigger hardships while in the US, all relating to my family and my race. I know what I'm capable of doing and I know what my hard working Hispanic people can do, I have saw it and performed it myself. I hope after graduation I can not only find a good job, but also give back and help young people with similar struggles. i consider myself lucky because God gave me a very positive and outgoing mentality, full of confidence and mental strength, that's why I never allowed any problems to bring me down. However, I know there are young Hispanic students who are probably way smarter or knowledgeable in their certain area of study but who don't have the same mental strength as me, and I wouldn't want a financial or similar problem bring them down and crush their dreams, when I know they're capable of achieving more. That's why i hope that one day I can also give back, the same way organizations such as this one currently give back.

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