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As a product of hardworking farmworkers, I have been instilled with the drive, focus, and responsibility to succeed in anything I set my mind to. "Echale Ganas", Give it your all, my family told me as I set off to St. Edward's University, under the C.A.M.P. program, to work towards my dream of becoming an Engineer. My time at St. Edward's gave me the stability and support to thrive while also teaching me to take risks. In turn, these risks have led me to the Marquette University in pursuit of a degree in Electrical Engineering. I have also joined many organizations such as the Collegiate Rowing Team, Engineering Student Council, Latin American Students Organization, and the Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity which will allow me to make connections with individuals who share my same interests. Not having the resources to fully explore my dreams back home, it has become my mission to spread the wonders of STEM to those who were in my shoes. Participating in research programs, volunteering at children's museums, and assisting at Hackathons has given me opportunities to assist others and broaden the horizons of multiple individuals. With your support, I know I can fulfill my goals. Thank you for your time and consideration. I wish you well in your endeavors.

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Take a short-course on the basics of credit cards 1 Approved - Paid $91.68
Watch Khan Academy Video on the basics of the U.S. tax system 1 Approved - Paid $74.97
Watch Khan Academy video on the topic of Raising Money for a Startup 1 Approved - Paid $51.2
Take a short-course on the basics of credit cards 1 Approved - Paid $30