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My parents came from Mexico to the United States, both at a young age after getting married in search of better job opportunities. Farm working was the only option available for immigrants who were coming into the United States. Ever since they arrived to the United States until this day they have been working in the fields doing hard physical labor that is starting to become overwhelming to them with age. All of my aunts and uncles along with my parents have always worked in the fields, trying to make enough money to bring food to the table. They do it to give my brother and I a better life economically compared to what they had, which I am very appreciative about. My father and mother go from one job to another in farm labor depending on the season, when one job ends they go looking for another one its like a never ending cycle of hard physical labor. On days in which it rains or its too hot to work they get told there will be no work for that day, which is bad because that only means there check for that week will only be less than what it already is. My family and I have gone through financial hardships but we manage to always make it work by limiting ourselves in how we use our money. My only hope is to graduate form college with a career that will help me get my family out of so many financial struggles.

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