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I came from a small town in Michigan, where I lived with a single parent of 5 children. I won't say I had it rough my whole life but there was moments where we did struggle. My mother worked her hardest to maintain and provide for our family. Since we were all young she instilled in our heads that we had to work hard and get an education to be become better people and to not have to go through the trials she went through. I am her first born so I am the first to go to college and one of my goal is to be a role model to my younger siblings and to make them want to get an education out of high school.

I am studying Family and Child Development and planning on getting a minor in social work. My absolute main goal is to help those in need. I want to help families like mine become better and greater people. I also want to work with the migrant workers as well. My mom is a Family Service Social worker and I have been working with her for two years now and even though I have never been in the field or lived as a migrant, I see a lot of families that do migrate and work in fields. I know the struggle and hard work they have to do in order to keep their family maintained. So, I want to work with those families and help them find something greater. Many of those children have potential but cannot come to college because their family can't afford it. I want families like that to not have to worry about whether they will have the money to send their children to school or not. Especially now having my daughter, I want to work harder for her and all children.

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