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Ever since my parents migrated to the United States from Oaxaca Mexico in the early 1980's all they learned to do was agriculture, they have devoted their entire life working in agriculture. As I grew up I followed their footsteps, at a very young age I learned how to pick fruits in the hot sun. I live in a farm working family, every single relative I have works in agriculture. Every summer we go up to Oregon and stay there for the whole summer and pick fruits from strawberries to apples, I can never tell when I had a summer of fun, a summer of a normal kids life. I still remember all the hard work I had to do as a kid from working on my knees, climbing ladders to getting hurt. At this age I still wake up early during the summer or vacation to go pick fruits. The number one struggle that my family had when I was young and we had to work in agriculture was the pay, It was such a little amount yet we still made it last. We as a family have worked in many different types of agricultural jobs for example we worked in grapes, cherries, blueberries, blackberries, onion, apples, tomatoes and much more, yet the one that I thought was the toughest out of all these was working in the onions because our sleeping schedule changed, the agriculture company we worked for at that time had odd schedules we clocked in for work at twelve p.m and worked till five in the morning. This was very difficult for me and it was an eye opening for me to keep going with my education.

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July 29, 2016


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