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I am Clarissa A Corral, the middle child of Maria Reyes and Angel Corral, my parents. Both of them immigrated from Mexico to the United States in search of a better life even though they didn't come over together. They reunited in Chicago since they had previously been dating back in their home land. But my mom already had a precious cargo, my older sister she was about eight years old when I came to the world. I was born in Chicago, Illinois and lived there until we moved to the little town of Battle Creek, Michigan. I started my education in the public school system until the 4th grade when my mom fought hard against my dad to switch my younger sister and I over to a Catholic Private school. She wanted us to get a faithful education that they could not give us, even though she knew we didn't have the money to afford it. But she did everything she could to keep us their until graduation, volunteering to lower the tuition, selling tamales at my aunt and uncles job sites, working over time. But the over time did not last long since she could no longer work at her factory due to a disability. She figured something out to keep us at school and everyday I look back to everything she did for us and I realized that I am blessed.

I no longer want her or my dad to worry anymore about how my college tuition will get paid. It's my turn to do something in return to show them that everything they have done for us truly pays off. I want them to never regret the decision to leave their homeland to come here. I have learned so much from them and my time in the different school systems. I feel like I know some of the flaws in both areas and I want to do something to help my fellow minority community achieve higher and much more in this country. Which is my life goal and I know, I myself will not be able to help everyone in need. But I know if I can reach out to just one person they can reach out to someone else and so on.

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