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Cindy the veterinarian, social worker, or lawyer. Who would have ever thought those were once among my dream career goals growing up. They were so far-fetched from reality where I grew up. Born in Salinas, California and raised alongside small towns up and down the Silicon Valley, it was uncommon a minority individual on various levels like myself (female, underprivileged, and Latina) to make it past getting a high school education, let alone a university. Those careers were just 'dream' careers. My life experiences back home, and here at Fresno State, have pushed me to strive and become the best that I can be.. At the time I did not have a choice in anything. Today however, I know that I have a choice in making my life better. That is what I brought to heart with me to my educational journey at Fresno State.

I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Criminology with the option in Forensic Behavioral Science (FBS) in May 2015 from California State University, Fresno. In addition, I will also obtain a General Business Minor, Legal Studies Certificate, and Co-Curricular Certificate. Along with working, I participate in extracurricular activities such as Alpha Pi Sigma Sorority, Inc. (Latina based academic sorority with a 100% graduation rate), Phi Alpha Delta International Pre-Law Fraternity, UC Davis Pre-Law Boot camp 2012, and also volunteering yearly during E.O.P's 'Summer Bridge Program' under the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). I am currently a prestigious Maddy Institute Scholar interning with Congressman Jim Costa.

My love and passion for school will never change, no matter what. I am always eager to learn more and reach my goals. One of the greatest blessings in my life occurred during the summer of 2013. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy whom I named Chase. It was a different learning experience to become a mommy. 'Mommy' is one of the many titles I carry with great pride and honor. So far I have managed to prove false, many misconceptions about pregnant students and students who are mothers. There are a lot of negative views for us parents, as if we are almost destined to fail. To that I say, it all depends on the person's will and determination. I landed a spot on the president's list (4.0 GPA) while pregnant and achieved above a 3.0 the semester my son was a newborn. Clearly I am the not the rule, but the exception.

My ultimate goal is to pursue a Juris doctorate degree. With that being said I see myself working for the state or federal government in civil rights, helping the public. Through my career work I aspire to make a difference, be a role model to others, make my son proud, and pay it forward to others who were once in my shoes. With your help I can be that much closer to my goals.

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