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 Growing up, I never imagined a job that was as hard of that of a farm worker. As my parents arrived home and would walk in through the doors, I caught a glimpse of their clothing and realize that once again they have returned with dirt on their clothes. I notice the disgusting sweat sliding down their faces and every other place of their bodies. As I see my parents doing the same poorly procedure repeatedly it inspires me and makes me get stronger every second. I wouldn't wish this upon anyone out there because supporting a large number of family members with a minimum wage is difficult. Not only is it tough, but observing the way my parents get home every day makes me want to get a better view of life and education. At the age of 16, my father finally decided to let me work with him during my summer vacations. We would wake up to get ready around 3 in the morning depending on how far we went. Because, it was during the summer the days were very long and hot. The experience of working in the fields alongside with my parents has changed me because I longer take them for granted. I have learned to truly respect them and their co-workers for putting food in our plates.

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