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Hello, my name is Carolina Duarte Iniguez; I am currently majoring in Biology, with a minor in Chemistry, at CSU Fresno. My goal is to attend medical school after graduation, in order to become an OB/GYN. Growing up, I had a fascination with the medical field and would watch “ A Baby Story” on TLC, documentaries from hospital ER’s and spent my time educating myself on medical procedures from the educational books my mom would buy from the local “Salvation Army” store. While volunteering in the Labor & Delivery unit at the local hospital, I discovered my passion for obstetrics and furthered my love to aid others and provide comfort in times of distress. I come from an underrepresented farm town in the Central Valley named Riverbank; here the vast majority of employment is either fieldwork or in the cannery. With the exception of a few, we are all first generation students and many of us are migrant students,as well. Due to coming from an impoverished community, I watched as my neighbors struggled with high unemployment, government dependency and difficult access to healthcare. Seeing their struggle began my determination to improve my abilities and prove that I was capable of achieving great things despite my community’s evident limitations and the economic and societal barriers placed on students in my area. I plan to attend college to improve my abilities in order to return to the Central Valley and make positive changes in its impoverished communities.

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