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As a child, I always tried to help my parents in anything I could possibly do. I never complained about anything that my parents ever gave me, even if I disliked it. I have witnessed how hard my parents worked to provide for a family of 5. The farm was never empty, it always had good healthy produce that was more than enough for my parents to feed us and to profit from. I have two sisters and two brothers, we all helped my parents clean the farm, carry boxes, organize, and even water it. It is hard work, but it pays well. My parents have invested all of their life earnings in all of their own children's careers. They are our only sponsors, they don't do it because they are obligated to, they do it because they believe in us. Unfortunately, the government doesn't believe that maybe one day Dr. Yuriana Aguilar, my sister, will find the cure to many diseases. The government doesn't have faith in my brother who happens to be Pilot, Arturo Aguilar. They both graduated without the help of the government, they were never once a burden to the United States of America.

My parents are STRONG and AMAZING for never giving up on me nor my siblings. Field working is not easy, like my parents have always said "what's lighter, a shovel or a pencil?" I believe I can make a difference in this world, because I come from a strong hard-working background. I can achieve anything I desire, I can strive in any career, I can make history, I can be anything.

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