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Hello, my name is Blanca Ramos I come from a farm worker family who migrated to the United States eight years ago in looking for a better life. My parents have worked since childhood to help their parents to put food in the table. Unfortunately, due to the lack of money my parents had to quit school during four grade to support their families. Even tough, my parents did not had the chance to attend school they were able to find a way to learn the basic of reading and writing since they were work for more hours and the would go to the teachers house and to have some earning time and they would pay the teachers so they could tech them the basics of reading and writing would with tomatoes or any time of production they picked in the crops in where they work. My parents had to work hard as I had to not only they pick or sort the product of crops, but they had to take care of animals which used to carry water from dams that where miles away from where they live. My mom weaved clothes to sell and my dad crossed the border at the age of only fifteen years old for work opportunities in where he worked from Sunday to Sunday and from sunrise to sunset picking apples, pears, and cherries.

Facing many struggles and seeing the limited resources for money to offer a good education my parents knew they did not want the same struggle to their family. Remembering the bitter taste of the day my parents decided to migrate to the United States I knew that everything was going to change for the good even tough n that moment it felt as if someone had thrown a bucket of cold water to my body. It was a very rough journey to adapt to the new environment in school and in my entire life. I will hear the alarm of my parents go off before five o’clock in the morning everyday so my sisters and I would have a better future. Before the send set they would leave and they would work under the sun or freezing weather for hours and they return home when the sun was almost gone. I could see the tiring face of both of my parents since it was reflect by their huge black air bags under the beautiful eyes. As they where in work my older sister was in charge of getting my and my other sisters ready for school. As the time passed I would motivate myself to work hard to make my childhood dreams become true and the amazing parents that I have were my motivation to not give up.

As we got older my sisters and I were introduced to the fieldwork to support our parents with money to pay the bills and to buy food to survive. It was not an easy task for a fifteen, twelve, and an eight years old girls to pick cherries and blueberries but we knew that it was not easy for our parents as well and that they were doing it for our own good so we had to work hard and support because they seek for money to make that happen. For the past five years while many of my colleagues are prepared to travel during around the world for their summer vacation my family prepares to travel to Washington State to work in the field. Its hard and uncomfortable the two months we go because we are not in our house we have a big room per family in where there is six beds and we have to share the kitchen and restroom with other nine families. We suffered from privacy, but we know that this is the only way we could work and support each other in the family. Working in the fields has been an honored due not only to the support we give our parents, but because it has teach me many lessons that have made me and sisters stronger and dedicated to continue with our education and prove to ourselves and our parents that everything was worth it at the end. My older sister is now a mom, a wife, and a student that its just at the corner to graduate with her bachelor’s and credential’s an become a elementary teacher. My other two little sisters are in their path as will to achieve their dreams, one of them it’s a freshmen in high school and the other one it’s a third grader and they know the importance of education so they are dedicated to get the best grades to be prepare for the big journey. I am currently a freshmen at California State University Fresno with a major in Spanish in where I want to pursuit a career as an Interpreter.

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