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My parents were both involved in farm working at young ages. My mom was born in Mexico and at the age of one her family moved to Michigan were my grandparents worked on a field and to this day my grandpa still works there. My mom never worked on the field because her parents wanted her to focus on school work. My dad who was born in Bartow, Florida worked in farms at a young age with his brothers, sisters and parents. My dads family moved state to state working on different farms to make money and put food on the table. After my dad graduated high school he stopped working on the field because he got a job working as an engineer for Ausco. My mom didn't complete high school because she got pregnant and had me. She later got her GED and worked at Telamon. I didn't start doing farm work until I was 14. My parents told if I wanted money I had to earn it. I worked with my grandpa at the farm he managed and picked cherries for the summer. This job was a little hard for me at first but it was worth it. I only worked in the summer time because my parents wanted me to focus on my schooling. The next year I got a job with my uncle were I pruned and picked weeds. This is the hardest job I've done so far in my life, I would go home everyday with my back feeling like it was sore and by hands hurting. We would start work at 6 in the morning and finish around 7 pm the only days we had off were Sundays and sometimes Saturday's. This showed me that things don't come easy you have to make sacrifices to be successful. The following years I worked at a friends blueberry farm harvesting blueberries all summer. Working on the farms motivated me to keep attending school so I can further my education and find a career that I will be successful at.

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