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I was born in the great city of Chicago, Illinois. I come from a family of 9. When I was five, my family decided to move to a little town called Covert, Michigan. Moving into a completely new environment we had to learn how to adopt to it. Being in the minority group my parents worked really hard to provide us with a decent life. I never complained, I never asked for much. My mother never had anyone to babysit us, sometimes she would leave my older sister in charge of us. Other times my parents would take us with them to go pick blueberries.

At a very young age I learned that if I wanted things I had to work for it. So every chance I got to go with my parents to work I went. I learned to work hard at a young age but also to have fun still. I earned my own money and could buy things that I wanted without having to ask for money from my parents. I knew about the struggle we were in and that made me understand of what I wanted my life to go to and want choices I had to make at a young age to start the path of success. Since the 3rd grade when we were being grade by letter grades, I have going all elementary, middle, and high school with A's and B's only. That was my only objective for each class no less than a B. My parents have sacrificed so much for me and I continue to use what they have placed on me by attending college and making something out of my life. I know the path will be bumpy and maybe some detours, but I will not stop until I have reached the set destinations in my life.

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