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My father owns a sustainable 15 acre farm. Since I could walk, I have been in the fields working. Because child labor laws don't apply to children working for their parents, I've been farming all my life. In the fall, my job is planting potatoes and Oriental vegetables, whether it be by transplant, tractor, or hand. After school, I have to water the field, which requires laying out 10 twenty feet pipe at fifty pounds each. This easily takes two hours a day, as I have to water the whole field. In the winter, I harvest after school, which means packing cabbage in crates from 4 until 8, and planting in the empty patches. Spring brings more planting and the end of school, which leads to summer. In the summer harvest and load from six in the morning until eight in the morning, I then work as a salesman at my father's stand until eight. My father does not pay me, so during the weekends I usually do tractor work at the neighboring farms for cash. Everything I have ever saved went to school, whether it be paying club fees, a cellphone bill to keep up with my teachers' assignments, or to buy lunch at the cafeteria. In spite of the hours I put in, I was still able to make straight A's and be active in clubs and sports. My life goal is to write something that changes the world, and I achieve my goals. The only way I can do this is by going to college and being financially stable, which I hope this scholarship will help me with.

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