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Hi, my name is Angelica but i like to go by "Angie." I am originally Los Angeles, CA and then moved to Lamont, CA a small town located 15 minutes away from Bakersfield CA. Most of the families living there were supported by farm working parents, mine included. I am a family of five children and in total we are seven. When we first moved to Lamont, my parents had trouble finding jobs and they sent us to school the first day we moved. It was in that moment that I realized that they did not want us to loose any days of school. After about two weeks, they found a job and began working in the mandarins. Since then, they have been working in the almond orchards and grape vines. I, along with my younger sister, went to work in the fields with them for summer of 2015 which was hard! I gave up all my free time, but overall I was grateful for all I have because they allowed us to get a glimpse of why they want us to stay in school; so that we can do better than them and be able to get a better job one which we love.

I am a first generation college student living off of my FAFSA and any extra money I get is greatly appreciated. My parents are not the type to ask me if I need money, I have to be the one to ask and I do not like taking the little money they make away so I do my best to get by. I am excited to see how this site can help my education in order to become the Physical Therapist I have always wanted to be. I want to be able to give back to the people that need my help in order to go in and live their life. FRESNO2016

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