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Angela Mendoza 10/23/15 My Autobiography I was originally born in California San Bernadino me and the rest of my siblings as well. We came to Michigan when I was three years old so I never really got the full Cali experience, reason being that we moved out here so young. I have five siblings including myself, one boy and four girls. Great combination right? No my poor brother had to deal with my sisters and me always fighting and complaining all the time. We got to Michigan by driving there, it took us three days to finally arrive in Michigan. My grandpa on my dad's side owned so many properties in Michigan and Mexico so he was making pretty good money. My grandpa gave my dad one of his houses to live in, here in Michigan which is one of the reasons why we moved out here. Another reason was because of how bad the conditions were and still are. My parent's first language is Spanish, but not mine. This reason being is because they never really enforced Spanish speaking in my family, they mainly spoke English which is why English would be my first language. People who motivate me to succeed is my family, because I know they never really had much of an education so they push me to better and not work in a factory job for the rest of my life. They push me to chase after what I want to do which is becoming a Registered Nurse. This will definitely be the most challenging thing in my life but I know that I can and I will succeed. What is life without the struggles and challenges as we continue on our journey? If life was easy, what would be the fun in that? Challenges make up history and achievements that you have to work really hard to accomplish. Nothing will come easy in life or handed to you in a silver platter, maybe for some, but for others you actually have to put in work to receive success. I worked hard in high school and got into Western Michigan University! Now my next step is to achieve my goal which is in becoming a Registered Nurse. I love helping others and If i can achieve this challenging goal i know that i have succeeding and will continue to succeed in helping others.

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