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I grew up in Gridley, a small farming town in northern California. Ever since my parents immigrated to the United States from Mexico, farm labor is all they have known. Both my parents had little to no formal education due to extreme poverty. That is why they immigrated to the United States in search of the American Dream. I am the youngest child of a family of seven. As a child I witnessed my parents struggle financially to support our big family. My four brothers and two sisters all contributed by working the fields along side my parents. I ultimately began contributing what i could at the age of twelve. We worked picking peaches and cherries during our summer breaks. The extreme heat didn't help the difficult work. During that time I learned the value of hard work and if I wanted to better myself and my family, education was the key. I always took my studies seriously growing up, my parents really made it mandatory for us to take education seriously it was implemented within us at a young age.They believed by having us help out in the fields that would motivate us to take school seriously. My childhood has effected how i value my education tremendously. Currently, I am attending California State University Sacramento. I am in pursuit of my bachelors degree in kinesiology and exercise science. My ultimate goal is to become a sports physical therapist. My dream is to attend the University of Southern California's doctorate of physical therapy program. I understand that fulfilling that dream is going to take hard work and determination and I am ready to accept the challenge.

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