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My parents started working in the fields in the early 70s around LA county all the way through Sonoma County. As I was attending Kinder-High School, I was enrolled in a migrant program for students who had to miss a lot of school due to working in the fields and/or having to travel back and forth to Mexico. This migrant program would help students with their studies, and would partner up with education system to allow students take their coursework at home so they graduate on time. I started working in the fields, mostly picking apricots when I was 12 years old and stopped my sophomore year of high school. I became more involved in extracurricular activities, organizations such as League of United Latin America Citizens and sports, because my advisor said it would help my chances at scholarships to help pay for the University, which thankfully it did. While attending CSU Long Beach, I was part of the College Assistant Migrant Program and United Migrant Student Association as Vice President. I was heavily involved raising awareness with High School students and specially parents about what they need to do to attend a 4 year university by doing seminars and information sessions. We sometimes prepare lunches for farmworkers and distribute them during lunch time. Not only did we focus on farmworkers, but also drove down to orphanages and spend a day with them encouraging and educating them on the opportunities of getting a higher education. My educational goals is to pursue an MD/MBA and focus in the healthcare industry, and I plan on continuing to return the favor as these migrant programs were the MAIN reason I was able to accomplish graduating High School and getting my Bachelors degree.

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