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I come from an low income family who works everyday in the fields to be able to put food in the table. My family migrated to United Staes eight years ago in looking for better opportunities. As we begin school I would always hear my parents alarm go off before sun sets and being the older child I was responsible for my helping my little sisters get ready for school. It was difficult for all of us to adapt to the atmosphere full of changes, but I knew that it was for our own good. My family and I would travel to Washington State for summer vacations to work in the fields. It was not easy to work for so many hours under the sun but I knew that my parents needed the money for the support. I was able to overcome the obstacles and graduated from high school . As I enter college I knew it was going to be a new challenge but I knew it was worth it. During my college I decided to get married and continue with my education. Weeks before my college graduation I was given one of the best news, I was pregnant. I entered a University with high expectations and motivation since I knew I wanted to offer better things to my child. During my first year in University I encounter with challenges that gave strength to continue with my education. When my baby arrive to our lives was a rough journey, my husband and family were able to helped me to go manage being a mom, a wife, and a student. My husband works in the fields and I am still a student hoping to achieve my goal of graduating and promote education my being an elementary school. Currently I am pregnant with my second child and things have been a greater challenge, but I am just away the corner to obtain my Bachelors Degree in Liberal Studies and my teaching credential.

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