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My name is Ana Castro and I am a student, a daughter, and a hopeful and passionate young woman. My dad immigrated to the United States before I was born and has always worked in agriculture as a way to support our family. He has worked in places like cold storages and the fields; always surrounded by fruits and vegetables. Today he works with peaches and nectarines in the summer and relocates to work with oranges in the winter. Seeing how hard my father works inspires me to one day repay him and my mom for their dedication to us and to make my own future children proud.

Currently, I am attending Fresno State. I am pursuing my dream of becoming a Registered Nurse with a minor in Spanish. I want to become a nurse and contribute back to the Central Valley. I want my focus to be on helping children, minorities, and low income families. I want to help others be healthy, and to feel their best. Healing is what I do best--and what I want to keep doing.

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Understand how checking accounts work 2 Approved - Paid $361.35
Take a short-course on the basics of credit cards 1 Approved - Paid $92.64
Course on the advantages and disadvantages of taking out a loan and how these are used to purchase a home. 3 Approved - Paid $67.47
Watch Khan Academy Video on the basics of the U.S. tax system 1 Approved - Paid $
Take a short course on planning for retirement 1 Approved - Paid $137.5
Watch Khan Academy video on the topic of Raising Money for a Startup 1 Approved - Paid $128.52
A basic introduction to the concept of inflation and how it affects cost of living. 1 Approved - Paid $136