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My name is Adriana Andrade, and I am currently a third-year student at Sacramento State University. I am also a first generation, low-income student with parents of Mexican decent. My parents have been working in agriculture picking strawberries, raspberries, and apples for many years. They had to sacrifice their time and health to financially support our home; therefore, I want to pursue a higher education to have a better career and help my family financially. After I graduate, I see myself working in a lab doing medical research to combat diseases. My personal experience as a cancer survivor has led to my desire to go to school and pursue a career in biology. Although I am currently enrolled as a psychology major, I am working towards changing my major to biology in order to better fulfill my career goals. As a cancer survivor I understand the hardships the treatment can have over a patient, both emotionally and physically. In the future, I hope that my research helps future patients have a better treatment and recovery. Medicine is always changing and I believe it’s important to find better treatments for cancer patients, eventually leading to a cure. I want to be part of the change to help people be happier and recover faster. As a student of modest means there are many economic factors while attending college. Receiving this money would help me with the cost of tuition and school supplies, such as a scientific calculator that would become a necessary tool for biology courses. Furthermore, it would help me with the cost of rent and utilities. Even when I do try to economize by using the resources at my school, such as the food pantry this money would also help me with the cost of food. Truly this award would be a great opportunity to help me get more out of my education by helping me focus on my academics first.

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