About RFDF

To empower U.S. based migrant and seasonal farmworkers through education and business.
The RFDF was created in 2003 at The Harvard Business School by a group of MBA students, including a former migrant farmworker, Martin Curiel. The idea was to create an organization that empowered farm workers through the principles of business and finance.
At the current time, we work with sons and daughters of U.S. based farmworkers at the high school, college, pre-MBA, and MBA level. We provide scholarship funds and a network of mentors to help these individuals realize their full potential. Our objective is to one day extend our work to the the actual farmworkers.
The Rising Farmworker Dream Fund (RFDF) is a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization and donations are typically tax deductible. Donors should consult your tax advisor regarding this issue.
The most direct and effective way is to donate money to one or more student on the platform. Click here for a list of available students. You can also contribute to the general fund by going to our home page

Scholarships and Student Members

Students receive scholarship money from RFDF and that is limited by the donations given to the foundation every year. However, the RFDF Stock Exchange is a platform that enables students to raise their own scholarship money by getting others in their network to donate. In that sense, the funds are limited by the creativity, effort, and energy put forth by the individual recipient.
Each accepted student starts with a stock price of $10. That is the arbitrary staring price for all students and qualified professionals that join the platform. As students receive scholarship funds, the stock goes up. The formula is: $1 price increase for every $100 received. For example, if a student's stock price is $15 and she receives a $150 scholarship, then the stock price will increase by $1.50 to $16.50. The stock price is a signal of commitment to RFDF's mission and of the student's willingness to help him/herself. Just like in the real world, the higher the stock price, the better.
We have a proprietary system of fact checking and auditing each students that comes to our platform. Like many other scholarship programs, it is impossible to be 100% effective, but we work hard to minimize the possibility of fraud. We do not disclose the exact details our algorithm to further prevent "gaming" of the platform.
At a high level, qualified students and professionals apply to be "listed" on our website, The RFDF Stock Exchange. Each student receives scholarship funds from the RFDF General Fund and/or outside donors - individuals and organizations that believe in our mission. Once the student receives a donation, he/she must complete a pre-defined task (typically involves learning a simple, personal finance topic) before receiving payment. A student's stock price starts at $10 and will increase $1 per $100 received in scholarship funds.
No. We believe business principles should be embraced by all individuals and are a key ingredient to success in America. We also strongly promote the MBA degree. However, we look for talented and committed students that believe in our mission of empowering farmworkers, regardless of major. Many of our students pursue social work, liberal arts, medicine, law, and other non-business careers.
The RFDF Team is in constant search of new individuals and organizations that support our mission. These investors come mostly from the business community and primarily from the technology and finance sectors. The Students listed are also key in bringing new investors. We encourage students to seek donations from their own network of potential benefactors.