For candidates applying to a full-time MBA program in the next 3 years

RFDF MBA Fellows receive scholarship awards that range from $250 - $10,000 in money and services to pursue and complete an MBA degree. We believe business and management is noble. The MBA degree can enable individuals give back to the farmworking community.


Eligible members become publicly traded stocks with a starting stock price of $10 and raise funds to further their educational objectives.

Students Get Listed

High School, College and Graduate Students as well as Pre-MBA professionals list themselves as publicly traded stocks on the RFDF Stock Exchange. Eligible students must provide proof that they are sons and daughters of U.S. based farmworkers (current and past).

Donors Invest in Students

Individuals and organizations provide scholarship funds to students. These donors are called "Investors" inside the RFDF Stock Exchange. Investors give money directly to specific students, to a specific group (e.g. from certain colleges, studying certain majors).

Students Help Themselves

Students complete pre-defined tasks to receive funds. A student's stock price goes up $1 for every $100 received; failure to complete the task results in a declinging stock price. The stock price is a reflection of discipline, committment, and hard work.


Martin Curiel

Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board

Martin Curiel is co-founder of the Rising Farmworker Dream Fund... See more

Mariela Dabbah

Board Member

Mariela Dabbah is the author of Help your Children Succeed in... See more

Misha Simmonds

COO, Co-Founder, Board Member

Misha Simmonds is currently the Senior Portfolio Director at the... See more

Samuel Ulloa

COO, Co-Founder, Board Member

Once labeled an illegal alien in the U.S, Samuel worked in the... See more

Omar Hyder

Co-Founder, Board Member

Born in Bangladesh and growing up throughout the United States... See more

Chadd Garcia

CFO, Co-Founder, Board Member

Originally from Yuma, Arizona, Mr. Garcia now resides in Naples... See more